Very pregnant for the first time Sobchak wore a slinky outfit

Глубоко беременная Собчак впервые надела обтягивающий наряд

TV presenter shared with fans another stylish way. This time she appeared in a sexy tight dress underwear style – for the first time in my entire pregnancy.

Ksenia Sobchak loves to irritate fans and press for his “pregnant” photos. Star and then puts in Instagram pictures, which her stomach has a different size and girth. To somehow hide the roundness, the presenter uses photoshop and oversized baggy outfits. But it seems, to hide the natural shape of her already rather tired.

The other day in the microblog Ksenia appeared a picture in which she for the first time in my whole pregnancy appeared in ultraorthodox dress. Dress in today’s fashionable underwear style from Brunello Cucinelli she added a wool jacket and comfy suede ankle boots with flat soles. Judging from the picture, Sobchak keen to show the world pregnant belly and did not even conceal some of its anatomical features with a special bandage, as I do sometimes its colleagues, going out on the red carpet.

Recall that Ksenia Sobchak is in her last month of pregnancy. According to rumors, the former moderator of the project “Dom-2” are expecting their first in late October – early November.