Глубоко беременная Анастасия Костенко сломала руку
Anastasia Kostenko is in the final months of pregnancy, and there is such a nuisance.

Глубоко беременная Анастасия Костенко сломала руку

Nastya wrote in Instagram that she had a fracture. Judging from the picture, Kostenko broke his right arm.

But the doctors demanded from her one – rest and no activity. Even then she complained about this and said that she was very bored sitting in one place.

Now the rest will be forced. Kostenko said that her daughter Milan was very scared for my mom, cried and felt sorry for her.

“My support for the next 3 weeks. More and more days like a sporting event with obstacles, where the main goal is to somehow get to the finish line.

The conclusion is made, more than to rush yourself and I’ll be out. Give up.

Remember Milashev were worried about me. What is it we have a sweet, sensitive and sincere. While I was crying, approached and kissed me.

P. S. Today is something very much came of injured pregnant women. Take care of yourself, dear.


We wish Anastasia were neater and as soon as possible to recover and to get rid of the plaster.

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