«Очень приятно, Царь!» — Борис Грачевский поборолся за почетный титул
In Moscow we had an interesting intellectual game.

«Очень приятно, Царь!» — Борис Грачевский поборолся за почетный титул

Boris Grachevsky


In the elite capital club has the premiere of the intelligent
game “king of the hill” — quiz, who were the main intellectuals of Moscow:
four-time winner of the prize “crystal owl” Maxim Potashov and Anatoly
Wasserman. In the fight for the title “King of the mountain” was attended by sports stars and
show business: film Director Boris Grachevsky, the world champion on Boxing Nina
Abrosova, hockey player Alexei Yashin, singer Athena, and many others.

The organizers held a quiz in an unusual format — a secular
parties where it was not only tricky questions and sparkling answers
but the performance of music bands, dances and fun. Upon completion
in the evening it was decided to make this event an annual event.

The winner
received the title of “King of the mountain” and the main prize — the reincarnation of a representative
any profession for one day, was not representative of the showbiz or movie
a resident of St. Petersburg Mikhail Srago, not just Preslavski questions in “What? Where?
When?” and sometimes put to a standstill “experts”. The honorary title will remain
until the fall, when the next game will decide a new winner, which become
everybody has a chance.

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event