Vertical and horizontal blinds design

Вертикальные и горизонтальные жалюзи в дизайне

Modern blinds are so diverse that consumers are being lost in the infinite range. Designs differ in design, texture and technical parameters. There are, however, incredibly convenient and practical models, which are suitable for any room, creating extraordinary comfort.

Vertical blinds on Windows

Вертикальные и горизонтальные жалюзи в дизайне

Such models create an aura of comfort, luxury and security in space, protecting from penetration of excessive daylight and prying eyes, as the exclusive element of interior design.

Stylish and elegant vertical blinds are functional and easy to clean, aesthetically pleasing, easy to install, have a convenient control mechanism. A variety of textures and the color palette makes it easy to find a model for any interior design.

If you value environmental friendliness and natural beauty, choose luxury elegant bamboo or fabric blinds.

Metal or plastic design will decorate the interior in the style of hi-tech, urban, art Nouveau. Decor slats have different personalities when ordering designs on an exclusive project, created by designers together with the customer.

Horizontal blinds on the Windows

Вертикальные и горизонтальные жалюзи в дизайне

Horizontal blinds are distinguished from the vertical arrangement of lamellas horizontally and assembled practically invisible, opening up the full review. This option is more compact and practical, the space is visually expanded, becomes three-dimensional. They allow you to close the window opening entirely single sheet or divided into several separate sections. Modern horizontal blinds feature luxurious design, superior operating characteristics (easy to clean and mounted). Universal type fastener allows the use of blinds in conjunction with curtains and pelmets, expanding the scope for design imagination. If earlier horizontal blinds in the living spaces used primarily for kitchen, bathroom, and now manufacturers are producing original designs that will fit harmoniously into the living space, hallway, bedrooms. In areas with temperature extremes, high humidity (kitchen, bathroom) use a plastic or aluminum blinds, in living rooms and bedrooms — fabric, wood or bamboo. Modern plastic designs can mimic noble texture, but keep at an affordable price.

Roller blinds day-night window

Such structures consist of alternating transparent and opaque stripes, and are also called “combo” or “Zebra”. This technique allows you to adjust the penetration of sunlight by displacement, and the height of the structure remains unchanged.

Convenient and practical, fashionable and stylish roller blinds day night make the interior a little bling, creating a festive atmosphere with incredible ease. They are harmoniously combined with curtains and may be an independent element of interior decor. A variety of textures and colors open up spaces for design of experiments with low financial cost and physical effort. Because the installation will not take much time.

PS: Choosing blinds for your home, consider not only their visual appeal but also technical parameters. More durable metal blinds, plastic — easy to clean, hygienic, wood and bamboo — the most eco-friendly, and fabric create the most comfortable environment.