Стихи с запахом секса или запрещенный опиум Валентины Хасановой
Despite the looseness, and sometimes even the permissiveness of modern society, many people, including successful people demonstrate restraint in matters of sexuality, hiding it under a mask of sarcasm, outrage and insincerity.

Стихи с запахом секса или запрещенный опиум Валентины Хасановой

Others put a total ban on such tamilio hide sexuality and associated desires, and someone who is afraid to admit even to himself. And, as a result, reality begins to conflict with the unconscious.

It is this conflict led to the poem of the poetess Valentina Hasanova, “He’s my drug and I’m an addict” that led to the prohibition of its publication, advertisement and withdrawal announcements.

Resonance work was included in a new book by poet, writer and producer from Kazakhstan Valentina Hasanova”Kiss with a taste of coffee”, presentation of which will take place on 26 September 2018 in the latter-day cultural capital of the CIS – Shymkent.

Стихи с запахом секса или запрещенный опиум Валентины Хасановой

The reader will absorb and cause a real sensory experience presented images of the women of mystery and demure to slutty lioness, clearly communicated, thanks to the colorful expression of thoughts, experiences, feelings and rich life experience.
The subconscious thus, paradoxically, cause for revelation will challenge unrealised dreams, will cause a rapid Association with pleasure and desire.

The inconsistency and variability, richness of the inner and surrounding worlds, the contrast of emotions … – the many facets of these States combine the smell of sex and kiss with the taste of coffee present in the lines of this collection.

To taste the forbidden fruit performed by the author and admirers of the poet, who will fight for the title of “Best reader” of the poems Valentina Hasanova, elegant Italian restaurant “AmoreMio”. This place was chosen not accidentally, because it is unstoppable and passionate Italian temperament stirs the heart and will help to create an appropriate atmosphere themed evenings. The presence of the owner of this extraordinary institution Olga Saparbaeva and members of Women’s club “AmoreMio” will be an original decoration of this meeting.

To ignite the fire of passion with Valentina Hasanova will also be Mary Shipman, who will perform songs based on the poems of the poet; artists Olga and Roman Potekhina, has “had a hand” to the works of Valentina in her early works; musician, poet and representative of media in Kazakhstan Kenesbay Ismailov; the soloists of the theatre of Opera and ballet Julianamaria and Alexei Skibin, and tacheometer Grand Prix in the nomination “Russian romance” the XX regional open competition “Kazakhstanmunaygas” Bekzat Sadykov, and representatives of the Department of culture. To cover the event coming all TV channels and print media of the city.

Note that books Valentina Hasanova entered the top 12 books of Kazakhstan, the bestseller list, was presented at the book fair in Paris in March 2017, and Valentina was honored with an audience with Grand Duchess Maria Romanova. At the end of the meeting the Grand Duchess presented the poet a collection of “Heritage 2017”, which published poems Valentina Hasanova, with his autograph, in response to the gift of Valentina – the book “Slice of mango” with its author’s signature.

Before the meeting on 26 September 2018 at the restaurant “AmoreMio”, Shymkent, Kazakhstan.