Веронику Романову назвали «новой Екатериной Андреевой»
We presenter has a new job.

Veronika Romanova

Photo: RBC

Popular TV presenter Veronika Romanova
after a short break returned to the Federal space
television news. She was leading newscasts
main business channel “RBC”. The emergence of Romanova in the air instantly
responded to specialized communities in social networks.

the month leading confidently entered the top three most beautiful information
the leading countries caught up in the online ranking permanent leaders Catherine
Andreev and Lily Gildeeva. And some users saw and external
the similarity Romanova with the permanent leading program “Time”, but
noted a new, more modern news. As recognized
Veronica, she really missed working serious news. Recall
that at the time she was named “Best information leading
Saint-Petersburg”. Several years Veronika Romanova was a person
the morning news show on the channel “Life”.

live by “RBK” — a new and very important stage for me. Return to
favourite element of the news – it was like coming home after a holiday.
In front of the camera with an extra issue, I realized that news is my
profession. I’m grateful to the team at RBC for the opportunity to re-experience
adrenaline live, when urgent news is delivered to the tape every
second, connect experts. Despite the utmost concentration
and instant decision-making in front of millions of viewers – is a
for me huge pleasure. To work 12 hours in this mode
of course it is difficult. But when you realize that thanks to the work of
professional team, your channel gave the news very first
it’s worth it. Recently, in preparation for the special release
I was only seven minutes, five of them in makeup. But even for such
short time the story had a few times completely
to change, and had to navigate the information tape
directly live, read urgent messages and
comment on what is happening. It’s a big responsibility, voltage,
the excitement is absolutely unique emotions that I love so much work in
big news service,” — said Veronika Romanova.