Верка Сердючка отправится в прощальное мировое турне

People are tired of politics and need a holiday to get back on stage Verka Serduchka. This was stated by Ukrainian artist Andrew Danilko in an interview during a party on the occasion of the Eurovision song contest 2017. So, on reflection, the famous comedian decided to embark on a farewell tour.

“In truth, we did not plan to participate in any event, but to us on the street often approach people and ask to come back. People are tired of politics, they need a holiday,” said Danilko.
since 2013, Verka Serduchka is not performed as a solo artist, sometimes the artist has appeared at corporate events, and now Danilko is focused on helping his countrymen from Poltava group Mountain Breeze, though does not consider itself as their producer.
“I decided to embark on a farewell world tour. We will do this together with the Mountain Breeze, and in the final I will remove your star and say: “Friends, we are finishing our work”” — to the chagrin of the fans said Danilko.