Верка Сердючка: «Хочу выступить в России» Until recently, many were convinced that imposing the actress left show business, but no. Verka Serduchka came back to the audience and lit on the festival of Lima Vajkule “Rendezvous” on the same stage with Lolita, Simeon by Slepakova and other artists.
Верка Сердючка: «Хочу выступить в России»

The second day of the festival “Rendezvous” Laima Vaikule ended enchanting performance of Verka Serduchka. After the news that the artist intends to say goodbye to the image of Verka Serduchka, was waiting for him impatiently. “If you have a growing belly, you — fat-trap — admitted Serduchka. — So we decided to get back on stage”.

Many noted that during the sabbatical, Danilko got better, gained a few extra pounds. Which, apparently, will be able to drive during the farewell tour in different countries of the world — Germany, USA, Israel, which will take place next year.

“I wish the concerts took place in Russia. Nothing, just invite fear. It will be a kind of farewell with great concerts from touring because diskach two hours in a row is already hard. Will come up with some new numbers,” shared Serduchka.
Верка Сердючка: «Хочу выступить в России»

In Latvia Serduchka was greeted warmly, at the end of the performance the audience danced and sang along to the artist. “The most difficult audience in Jurmala — shared after the concert Danilko. They look appreciatively. I think, to clap or not to clap, laugh or not, wonder why we are in national costumes, isn’t there anything bad. Ugly now, of course, I miss the days when people went to concerts just to rest.”

The actor admitted that he is not planning to come up with another character to replace Werke. Free time Danilko prefer to spend alone. “I like being alone, more than three people it’s hard for me to bear, — said Danilko. — And it started from childhood. When I was in the camp, occupied the bed next to the battery, because there is a small space and with the other hand no one”.

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In addition to Serduchka, the stage of the festival “Rendezvous” Laima Vaikule was made by the artist, Andrey Makarevich, Lolita, Nino Katamadze. The day ended after-party at one of the restaurants of Jurmala.