Вердикт: Ксения Собчак беременна Two days before the end of the race from Vladimir Zhirinovsky has again allowed himself to attack in the direction of Ksenia Sobchak, what made her cry.

A few hours later I, along with Tanya Arno Mary Karlin and Nata of the State were at the dinner to mark the opening of the Guerlain corner in TSUM, where, of course, all discussed the incident at the debates.

The verdict lovely ladies made this: “Ksenia pregnant. It was a hormonal breakdown. But in any case act that way, especially gray-haired man, unforgivable…”

Turning to the nearest friend Ksenia Nike Belotserkovsky, I got the answer that she did not know anything. But nick was not aware of and last summer, when I kissed the Xenia in the stomach, and then the light appeared a wonderful talking about.

If you take into consideration that my dad always wanted me to become a gynecologist, and private conversation in light of that candidate almost six months, I have expressed admiration for the vitality of Xenia and ready again to repeat your kiss – under the supervision of Maxim Vitorgan, of course.