Вера Васильева: «Папанова все боялись из-за его едкого юмора»
The actress first spoke about that had to go through Papanova on his way to glory.

Вера Васильева: «Папанова все боялись из-за его едкого юмора»

Anatoly Papanov

Photo: TASS

Vera Vasilieva know Papanova since when he was still quite
an unknown actor who never invited me to the cinema.

“He’s in the theatre we have it
only played in the crowd, ” recalls the actress. But Papanov tried to do everything to be noticed. went to any tricks. It is very
bright makeup. If he was given a role where there was only one word, for example
“Hurrah!” he could do a huge nose or a wart. And it’s “Hurrah!” shouted
so that the audience remembered it. In the play “the Bedbug” Pluchek gave it already
a more prominent role of best man. At Papanova was the phrase “Who said “mother”?” and
he pronounced it amazing. So the next play he
given a real role, and from that day things went differently. Everyone saw that
this is a great artist…”

Vasilyev admitted that in the theater Papanova was a little afraid. “The fact that Anatoly Dmitrievich
was very acrid humour. He was not afraid even Pluchek. Once we had a meeting
troupe, Pluchek summer went to his cousin, Peter brook in Paris.
Sitting in the meeting all languid, sighed, put a hand to his forehead: “Ah! How would I
wanted to work with actors, such as the brook!” And then a stentorian voice Papanova:
“Yes! And we would love to work with Peter brook! And has only his

Anatoly Papanov (left) in the role Yusov, Vera Vasilyeva, in the role of Anna Pavlovna, Georgy Menglet in the role Vishnevskogo and Andrei Mironov in the role of Zhadova in the theater of Satire “Profitable”

Photo: Mikhail Strokov /TASS

Years passed, Papanov became famous, but he always remembered the experienced difficulties and good attitude to the young.

“I remember the days when Anatoly Dmitrievich already
a lot of filming, and taught in the theater not only played but put, — continues the actress. — I’ve played
him in the performance “Last” by Gorky, was amazed at his good attitude.
And the other actors asked Papanova, “Tolya, where did you get such patience?” And
he replied: “I have suffered in my youth! Know what is addiction
the actor, on their skin. I miss you, love…”

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