Vera Sotnikova’s blaming himself for a tragedy in the family

Вера Сотникова корит себя за трагедии в семье The actress became the main heroine of the program “the Secret to a million.” Vera Sotnikova remembered how I got acquainted with my ex-husband, the father of her only child. According to star, the chosen one for many years showed no interest in relation to the son.
Вера Сотникова корит себя за трагедии в семье

Vera Sotnikova is one of the most popular Russian Actresses. On account of its more than 50 roles in cinema, and also many broken men’s hearts. The star admits that among her admirers were very wealthy people, celebrities, but to go down the aisle she decided only once, at 18 years of age.

Her future husband, the actress met when I was still a student and was crowded in a Dorm room with a roommate. According to Sotnikova, it was love at first sight.

“When I first met Yura worked as a janitor, but it did not bother me. Got married after about 6 months because I was pregnant. The husband was categorically opposed to I gave birth. But I insisted. We parted after a year, I couldn’t stand betrayal. Suspected that he was cheating on me. He was dismissive to me and to my son. He is like a father generally does not manifest itself. He began to communicate with my son when he turned 18. The son was shocked, I was afraid he falls into a swoon,” – said Vera.
Вера Сотникова корит себя за трагедии в семье

Despite the fact that Sotnikova wanted to be a mother, she had to leave her son with relatives in Volgograd. The actress made a career in Moscow, but he tried as often as possible to visit little John. Communicating with Leroy Kudryavtseva, Vera admitted that due to the separation from her son even fell out of love with the creative profession. Now the woman suffers from a guilty conscience, because she missed a significant event in the life of heir own.

“I love my son. If not for the educational aspects, would give him everything he earned. The son does not reproach me, understands that I did it for him. He says, “Mom, what do you mean? Everything is fine. If you’d stayed, I would have worked at the plant for nothing.” And I still feel the excess of maternal tenderness, which did not give him,” said Sotnikova.

In the program “the Secret to a million” actress touched on yet another painful topic relating to the novel from Vladimir Kuzmin. According to Sotnikova, she’s still friendly and loves a musician nostalgic of those seven years, when they were together.

However Kuzmin and Sotnikova not spoken for ten years after his departure. The altercation occurred after the singer once again married. Now Faith is sometimes seen with the musician, and with his relatives.

Вера Сотникова корит себя за трагедии в семье“His young wife at first was jealous. And lately I realized that she wants to meet you. I threatened her: “Kate, God forbid you leave him. Everywhere will find you.” I want him to be happy,” said Faith.

With great difficulty, Sotnikova was thinking of another difficult period of his life. Eight years ago from diabetes died, the sister of the actress. According to Faith, she realized how much loved relative only after she was gone. Now in hospital is the mother of a star. The doctors ‘ prognosis is controversial, but the woman hopes that the parent will be able to overcome the disease.

Mother of Vera Sotnikova is in serious condition

Vera Sotnikova confidently answered the tough questions leading, but still decided to keep the main secret of her life a secret. The actress burned the envelope with the secret in-a-million, noting that he didn’t want to dredge up the past.