Вера Сотникова устроила скандал в аэропорту The actress spoke about the incident. Vera Sotnikova was outraged that she was forced to measure a handbag although this thing is not considered as hand baggage. She urged the CEO to change the rules.

Vera Sotnikova often moves on Russian aircraft. The actress hails from Volgograd, where traveling to the capital of the popular low-cost airline. During check-in, the star has encountered a number of difficulties. Airport officials asked Sotnikov measure your carry-on.

“I have demanded handbags, to place the meter in your hand Luggage! I’ve been told that it’s my bag! It’s not hand Luggage! What a shift supervisor was told: “I’m the boss and decide what to do.” On my refusal to give it into the hands of his bag, he threatened not to put me on a plane! Taking my hand Luggage and my bag-a backpack with rhinestones was literally to push the calibrator! He squeezed me expensive cosmetics, flew off the backpack rhinestones. But God is with her, with the makeup! In all airports of the world know the differences hand Luggage from handbags and ask them to open it I can just for the inspection!” – said Sotnikov.

According to her, this situation is repeated for the third time. Faith calls this behavior of airline employees inappropriate, because it is “hate”. Sotnikova advised the CEO of the carrier to change the rules. “Not to bring people to a heart attack,” added the host of the TV show “Battle of psychics.”

Lived in Volgograd mother Sotnikova. The woman died in the fall of 2017. She’d been ill and was treated at a medical facility. Mom Sotnikova was lying in intensive care, but at the end of November, her life was cut short. “A lot of pain. I know one thing – my life will never be the same”, – shared her emotions the actress. Eight years since the death of her sister.

When Sotnikova went to work in Moscow many years ago, she left the child in Volgograd. Still it is not able to forgive. “I love my son. If not for the educational aspects, would give him everything he earned. The son does not reproach me, understands that I did it for him. He says, “Mom, what do you mean? Everything is fine. If you’d stayed, I would have worked at the plant for nothing.” And I still feel the excess of maternal tenderness, which did not give him,” said Sotnikova.