Вера Сотникова: романы с поклонниками, гибель сестры и чувство вины перед мамой The actress was the guest of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Korchevnikov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. Sotnikova frankly told him how used the well-known men put his son to work and was unable to save his beloved mother.
Вера Сотникова: романы с поклонниками, гибель сестры и чувство вины перед мамой

Vera Sotnikova is one of the most beautiful Actresses of Russian cinema. In secular circles it was called “Casanova in a skirt.” The actress had many Affairs with famous men, who threw for her wives, families, and sacrificed their own dignity.

In his student years, Faith met a man named Yuri Nikolsky. For him, the artist married, and from him Sotnikova gave birth to a son John. As admitted by Faith, the man did not want this child. But the movie star crossed lover.

When Yang was born, the actress had a hard time. She gave her son the education his mother – in Volgograd, where she came from. And she built a career in the capital. According to the actress, it was one of the most difficult periods in her life, she is literally torn between the child and the desire to become famous. Two years Ian lived with his grandmother, and then Faith still took him to Moscow.

Soon fate presented her with surprising familiarity with an influential fan. German businessman Ernst Pindur fell in love with the actress at first sight. He several times offered his Faith to marry him, gave sumptuous gifts acquired for artist apartment in Moscow, a high-end vehicle and brought to Sotnikova rare items from abroad. The businessman even offered the actress to move in with him in Germany, but was refused.

“I thought, “what am I going to do there? To cook borscht?” Said, “No, Ernst. God forbid!” And offered him a model: “I was in Moscow, in theater, in film, and you’re going to come,” said Sotnikova.
Вера Сотникова: романы с поклонниками, гибель сестры и чувство вины перед мамой

Roman actress and a German businessman soon ended. Faith without memory fell in love with Russian actor Vladislav Vetrov, who had already had a family. Sotnikova suddenly broke off relations with the owner and offered a new choice to live in the apartment, which gave her Ernst.

“Vlad uncomfortable felt. He had a wife and small child… He was eager to son. And I have this situation, too, was not satisfied, I need to have only my”, – admitted the actress.

Soon Vladislav returned to his marriage. According to Sotnikau, she quietly let him go. “There was talk, Yes. And he left. As soon as I have finished a novel, went to a job! It so happened that I especially to suffer no one gave”, – Vera said.

Following the love of Actresses has become a famous singer Vladimir Kuzmin. It Sotnikov has also led to the apartment, donated by German businessman…

The actress explained on a talk show, why so many fell in love.

“Well, if such a passionate nature! That heart, which requires a strong amplitudes! I have nothing bad to nobody did. I just loved,” admitted the star of the movie.

According to Sotnikova, she immediately realized that relations with Kuzmin on her all the responsibility. The actress became for Vladimir all: and a dresser, and wife, and sister, and even the Director of his videos. Seven years lasted the Union of the singer and actress.

Then Faith met with influential Russian producer Renat by Davletyarova. The actress admitted that she had a pretty tough break up with a romantic Kuzmin for a new lover.

“Blown away exactly like I’m on wire thrown! To Renat was such a powerful charge. Most likely, the vacuum of silence with Vova, and gave me the brightest human substance, I was drawn like a magnet. Kuzmin everything was clear. All of the goodbyes… it was the most tragic,” Vera said.
Вера Сотникова: романы с поклонниками, гибель сестры и чувство вины перед мамой
Вера Сотникова: романы с поклонниками, гибель сестры и чувство вины перед мамой

However, to get along with a temperamental producer, actress and failed…

At the end of the program, Vera said, like a lost sister Galina. “She went in one day, ridiculous. She had diabetes, but she was treated. She increased the pressure and decreased the sugar. One “first” she lowered the pressure and increased the sugar, and the other Vice versa. It is ruined,” said Sotnikova.

And last year, departed this life beloved mother of actress Margarita Petrovna. Parent of Faith did not live to see his birthday four days. The actress brought to the Studio of two documents associated with it.

“Yesterday I took these two pieces of paper: birth certificate and death and in between 89. It’s a pretty decent age, but you know that there is always your fault. I think I did something wrong. It turns out that I do this…” said Sotnikova.