Vera Sotnikova gave the young wife Kuzmina warning

Вера Сотникова дала молодой жене Кузьмина предупреждение
The actress shared the details of his personal life.

Вера Сотникова дала молодой жене Кузьмина предупреждение

Vladimir Kuzmin with his wife Catherine


Although Vera Sotnikova and Vladimir Kuzmin for many years together, the actress is still very worried about the happiness of her former common law husband. When Kuzmin met his current young wife — Catherine, Sotnikova immediately made it clear that will closely follow the life of Vladimir and will not hurt the musician.

“Kate, look, God forbid, go away, find that place and bring. I need to live, so he was supervised. I love him very much!” — said Vera Kuzmina wife. At the same time they have developed a great relationship. Sotnikova easily found a common language with the young beloved artist.

About his separation from actress Kuzmin says reluctantly. She admitted that he left Vladimir, as fell in love with another man. By the time her romance with the musician is almost come to nothing. The fact that the singer was exhausted Faith frequent scenes of jealousy and, besides, was very closed. All his thoughts were busy with the music that was annoying Sotnikov. He was not helping with the economy and not into domestic problems. A couple of times Faith and Vladimir start talking about the wedding, but it never came. The actress has no regrets about it, as the desire to bear him children she never had.

Vera Sotnikova with her son

Photo: freeze-frame of the program “million dollar Secret”

Meanwhile, Faith confesses that she always enjoyed the attention of generous men who willingly spends her large sums of money. Not the most wealthy lover were only the father of her child — a son, Jan. He, according to Faith, was a janitor, although originally introduced by the restorer at the Pushkin Museum. “Crazy beauty guy, tall, with some hypnotic blue eyes… I fell in love immediately, I can’t even remember how we ended up in a relationship. It seemed to me that we have eternity together!” — remember Faith in the show “the Secret to a million.” However, he was against children and insisted that 18-year-old Faith terminated the pregnancy.