Веру Сотникову дерзко обворовали в Москве Actress and TV presenter said that the criminals broke into her house and stole valuables. When it happened, Vera Sotnikova did not specify. Star asked the fans to help her carry out her own investigation.

Vera Sotnikova has told that became a victim of criminals. According to the woman, the attackers broke into her house, which was not equipped with alarms. But now the home of the artist, on the contrary, is under heavy guard.

After the incident, Sotnikova has addressed in law enforcement bodies. However, to find the culprits still failed. “The police are disappointed”, – said the star. However, Faith has reported that the lost of expensive fur coats. And – reached out to fans asking for help. Bearing in mind that soon will come the frosts, leading decided to conduct its own investigation.

“Who stole this from me a fur coat? Back! I beg you,” wrote Faith in Instagram.

One item of clothing Sotnikova attackers did not stop. They also took her long coat is turquoise. Faith hopes that fans will help her find the thieves and to restore justice. Likely to lead was influenced by the work in the mystical show “Battle of psychics”, whose members constantly investigate a convoluted case and share their guesses.

“I starred in that fur coat in the movie “Dasha Vasileva. A lover of private investigation”. Girls! If someone you see on the street… It’s unreal turquoise long, wide (sun flare) coat. It’s very distinctive! Write, do our own investigation,” gave a reason for thinking actress.

Social media users immediately expressed sympathy for Sotnikova. “Oh wow… How so?”, “What kind of people”, “Give fur a good man”, “do I have to come back to them, and doubly. Here you see them, you will regret it”, “Horror”, “Attack of some sort. Let it be the biggest loss in your life,” commented the fans of the stars.

One of podeschi actress even asked her to consult a psychic, participating in the popular mystical show. However, shooting the next season of “Battle of psychics” has just ended. “I thought about it. I had to contact psychics! Remember this is only when winter comes!” – answered Faith. She also vaguely added that “next season may not be.” Earlier, a similar statement was made by Vlad Kadoni. Fans of the TV show sincerely hope that new releases will be broadcast. One of the most prominent participants of the 18 th season of “Battle of psychics” was a descendant of Alan of magicians Constantine Hecate. 8 facts about the winner of “Battle of psychics” Constantine Hecate