Вера Сотникова верит в способности экстрасенсов
Some time ago, was cast in the new 18th season of the popular project “Battle of psychics.”

Вера Сотникова верит в способности экстрасенсов

Organizers are trying to keep secret all details of the new season thus intrigued viewers. TV presenter Vera Sotnikova expressed his point of view regarding abilities of psychics.

“Indeed, we have on the program sometimes miracles happen, sometimes I was in shock, and then for a long time can’t recover from some things, thinks the woman. They amaze and impress. A psychic refers to the situation and speaks some truth that no one ever knew, it is impossible not to believe, because it did not play. In General, I will say this: everyone will be given according to his faith. I believe that it exists.”

Loyal viewers look forward to, as the show itself, the participants in the new season of the TV show.

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