Вера Глаголева ушла в отрыв на втором дне свадьбы дочери Yesterday evening in Moscow hosted a party on the occasion of the marriage of a famous hockey player. This time Ovechkin and Subsky guests gathered in one of the capital’s restaurants. The present furor Vera Glagoleva: actress lit together with soloists of group “Ivanushki International”.

Saturday, July 8, hockey player Alexander Ovechkin played a lavish wedding with Nastasia Subsky, daughter of actress Vera Glagoleva. The lovers, who have established relations as early as August last year, organized a holiday for family and friends. The next day celebrations continued. This time the couple Ovechkina staged a gala dinner in one of fashionable Moscow restaurants.

Alexander Ovechkin and Nastassja Subsky played a gorgeous wedding

To congratulate the happy couple came many celebrities, including head of ROSKINO and film critic Ekaterina Mtsituridze, the group “Ivanushki International” and Olga Orlova. Leading the evening was Vyacheslav Manucharov. Vera Glagoleva, mother Nastasia Subsky, came out in elegant manner. The actress shone in a long, dark pants, jacket and matching stylish blouse of white color. Her daughter chose a romantic way – Nastasia greeted the guests in a bright dress decorated with lace. “And we have the second coolest day of the wedding!” – shared showman Manucharov on his page in Instagram.

At the event organized by spouses, Olga Orlova and the band “Ivanushki International” sing your favorite hits all under the approving applause of those present. It is worth noting that in that day, Vera Glagoleva, too, had left the scene. The actress lit together with Kirill Andreev, Kirill Dee-Dee and Andrey Grigoriev, Apollonova.

After some time Manucharov publicly appealed to spouses, to wish them long years of life together. Vyacheslav said that lovers look great together. He believes that Ovechkin and Subsky made for each other.

“Nastya, Sasha, I was incredibly pleased to be leading your fabulous wedding, you are wonderful, amazing and very beautiful couple, thank you for unforgettable moments and for your love story! Wish you happiness and all the light,” said Manucharov accompanied its publication with the hashtag “true love”.

Social media users joined in the congratulations of the actor and wished the couple all the best Ovechkina. According to many, the wedding of Alexander and Nastassja became one of the most notorious and elegant celebrations this year. “So touching”, “Very beautiful. Love and happiness”, “True tale”, “I think I’m really wanting to get married and throw a wedding” was discussed subscribers Manucharov.