Vera Glagoleva beat Ralph finnes

Вера Глаголева обыграла Рэйфа Файнса
The actress and Director spoke about working with Hollywood celebrity.

Вера Глаголева обыграла Рэйфа Файнса

Vera Glagoleva

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Vera Glagoleva met in London with his friend, British actor Ralph Fiennes. Winner of the “Oscar” a few years ago, I was invited Vera to play the main male role in her film adaptation of the play Turgenev’s “a Month in the country”. And performer of the Wave de mort in the movie Harry Potter agreed! “It was kind of crazy, so with a smile and remembered his decision Fiennes in an interview with the Russian weekly “England”. I really liked the play by Turgenev. But even more, I wanted to play something different from what has already been played…” Fiennes also said that in the process of preparing to shoot looked a lot of Russian films: “the Movie Joseph Heifits “Lady with the dog” simply brilliant!”

However, the work in this project was for an actor is very difficult: “I then had thoughts that maybe shouldn’t have said Yes, because playing in Russian was difficult… We were re-recorded several times, which some cues were given to me with great difficulty. I would have agreed it wasn’t that I duplicate: I perfectly understand that I have a strong accent. But then it turned out that without my vote, such a film cannot be sold here in England… the Most difficult part for me was this phrase from my hero: “Why do you insult me?”

Ralph Fiennes


The film Glagoleva, called “Two women”,filmed in the Russian province, in the Smolensk region (in the house-Museum of composer Glinka). And Fiennes still has fond memories and ordinary Russian people, who met during the filming, and buckwheat. And especially dealing with Glagoleva, which in the breaks of filming was constantly beat him at chess: “in Between filming, I was riding my bike around the neighborhood. Sometimes people recognized me and invited to his house, were treated to apples and plums from his garden. Had tea, vodka, made kebabs. Bath was also… I really liked the lovely local people…”

Picture already shown in Russia. And now the premiere took place in England. “The fact that Russian film, based on a play by Russian writer of the 19th century, will be a two month show in a few cinemas England, it’s just fiction!”, — said Glagoleva, along with Fiennes picture of the London public.