Вера Брежнева надела двадцатикилограммовый костюм
Such sacrifices, the singer went for a spectacular clip.

Vera Brezhneva

Photo: Instagram

Vera Brezhneva wore a costume weighing about 20 pounds. The main
the burden fell on the hands of the singer, because the costume made specially for the video Feel
consisted of an iron frame, which is attached to the shoulders. She was suspended 4 cages with live pigeons.

The singer just stood there in this outfit, still posing the camera operator, circled
in dance, releasing birds from cages. In recognition of the singer, in between takes she
helped assistants, but being in the frame, Vera was forced to carry weight. “Only
cells weighed 17
pounds — smiling Brezhnev. — The weight of the pigeons I don’t

However, the beauty of the video was worth such sacrifice. In addition to the suit
cells, which takes in music video plan, beautiful
looks bright red translucent dress.

Soft and light erotica
adds the singer, filmed Topless from behind. In addition, the composition Feel
sung by the performer in English, that Faith is highly unusual.

The image of a girl surrounded by birds, according to
Brezhneva symbolizes feelings locked inside. “Sometimes the cage for our
feelings is ourselves,” says Faith. — You need to be able to release them into the wild”.

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