Vera Brezhneva wears clothes for pennies

Вера Брежнева носит одежду за копейки

The singer showed subscribers a part of your wardrobe. It turned out, the star prefers to wear things affordable mass brands.

Vera Brezhneva is one of the brightest stars of Russian show business. Despite fame and fortune, she, like Kate Middleton prefers to wear the outfit cheap brands. Recently the singer shared with her fans image, which appeared in a democratic manner.

Vera Brezhnev often prefers cheap clothing. In the photo the star in perky pink sweatshirt and tattered blue jeans. Answering questions from followers about her outfit, the singer said: “Yesterday there were questions about the sweatshirt. Answer: I was in Key West. Walking down the street, is a tent, where Souvenirs, belongings, etc. out There for $ 14 were sold. Liked – bought! Jeans – Zara”. By the way, the average price of denim trousers in the shops of this Spanish brand is only 3.5 thousand rubles. So the image of Brezhnev turned out to be extremely affordable!

Meanwhile, Vera Brezhneva not the only star, prefer things for a penny. Kate Middleton has long been made clear to the public that is not going to chase brands. Among her fashionable Pets have the same Zara, and Topshop. Even first lady Michelle Obama often prefer cheaper outfits!

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