Vera Brezhneva volunteered So that Vera Brezhneva's compatriots don't think she's freeloading at a time when hard times in the country, she decided to make a couple of videos about her work in the warehouse. Brezhneva took up volunteering” /> Early in the morning, Vera went to one of the bases where they collect aid for refugees and, picking up a cart with a load, rolled it on the floor.

Vera Brezhneva volunteered

So, Vera, if not on the front line, then definitely in the ranks.

< img class="aligncenter" src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/f76a077f92ab7c4e2f4c39b83965c2fb.jpg" alt="Vera Brezhneva volunteered" />

But Svetlana Loboda announced the day before that she was returning I'm in the studio. It's time already.

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