Вера Брежнева готовится стать мамой в третий раз
The singer admitted that she wants to give birth.

Vera Brezhneva

Photo: Instagram

Vera Brezhnev, despite the fact that she looks like
a student of senior courses, is the mother of two wonderful girls, 16-year-old
Sony and 7-year-old Sarah. Since then, two years ago, the singer married
Konstantin Meladze, fans are wondering when they will have children.

In an interview with the online edition of “Lady Mail.ru” Brezhnev told
about what she really thinks on the replenishment.

“Sarah came when Sonia was eight. Besides
the moment the eldest daughter no longer wanted nor brother, nor sister, — told
Faith. She had a good one, its all more than satisfied. “Why else would I
someone will love but me?” — said Sonia. Thank God
egoistic tendencies quickly dissipated… Sonia is 16. Another couple of years yet
that’s it-and it will fly out from under the parental wing. Sometimes I think: “why,
is Sarah going to be one? Then I want more!”

By the way,
youngest daughter Faith is growing surprisingly like her. Recently, the singer shared
with fans delicate portrait with an incredibly serious and grown-up daughter.

“Oh, and this
the daughter — a copy of mom!” surprised subscribers Brezhneva.

to say, the whole female part of the family of Vera Brezhneva very similar to each other. Her mother Tamara Vitalievna,
three sisters — Victoria, Galina, Anastasia, just copies of each other. And all
despite a poor childhood, well settled in life. Vic is married to
producer Alexander Tsekalo. Galina lives happily
abroad, and Anastasia, though, and remained in his native Ukraine, but married
for the businessman. Each of the sisters — daughters-Vera — two. And female
Kingdom “diluted” only two boys. Cousin, incidentally, is also all
very similar and exactly will grow these beauties!