Vera Brezhneva is cheap stuff

Вера Брежнева носит недорогие вещи Pink sweatshirt for 1000 rubles captured the imagination of fans of the star. Resort bow of the singer, as it turned out, not worth a lot of money. Things Vera Brezhneva buys, where necessary, for example, in the resort shops.

      Вера Брежнева носит недорогие вещи

      Vera Brezhneva is not only a sex symbol for many men, but also a role model for girls. The appearance of the singer inspires her fans to look fashionable and stylish. Often the girls ask the star a question where she bought this or that thing. Not hoping to get an answer, they starts searching a beautiful dress or blouse on the expensive boutiques, because it is in such places, according to most, shopping on site, spend stars. What is the disappointment of fans of the Faith when they did not manage to pick up similar to Brezhnev fashionable bow.

      Sometimes Faith tells strazhduyuschih, where all the same she takes out her stylish clothes. Of course, the singer often buy things abroad, for example while on the road or during the holidays. However, most of them can be ordered from anywhere in the world via online shopping. Most often it is cheap products popular fashion brands that you can find, just walking around town. So, for example, Faith has acquired a new pink sweatshirt, which made a splash on her page in Instagram. Fans have bombarded the singer with questions about the brand. In the next post she spoke in detail about everything.

      “Good morning. Yesterday there were questions about the sweatshirt. The answer was in Key West. Walking down the street, is a tent, where Souvenirs, clothes and so on. There $ 14 were sold. Liked – bought! Jeans – Zara, – explained the star. And so we live, like that, and take!”

      It is worth noting that the fans appreciated the easy attitude Brezhneva to things. “I have the same sneakers! Hooray, I’m in trend”, “But I have jeans like Faith, And I am now in Key West” – they salakavala.

      Interestingly, the ability of beautiful and stylish dress have Brezhneva since childhood. Despite the fact that the family was very low income, my mother taught me Faith and her sisters to look after themselves, to look neat and match things in your wardrobe.

      “My friends and I were flipping through the magazines that someone of your friends brought back from abroad, looking clothing catalogs, copying the style of the models… But it was all naive and clumsy. Thank God, my mom, sisters brought up properly – with taste never had a problem,” recalled the singer in an interview.

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