У Веры Брежневой появилось красивое хобби
The singer has equipped at home the greenhouse.

Vera Brezhneva

Photo: Sergey Yushkov

Deciding to collect orchids, Vera Brezhneva equipped at home the whole greenhouse. “I grew up in a warm and mild climate, since the childhood like flowers, is told 7days.ru singer. — Orchids for me — a symbol of love and passion. Of course, growing them is not easy, they are very whimsical and capricious, require a lot of time and care, just like little children. But I know how to care for them, and in doing so feel the harmony with nature and with itself. In my opinion, collecting flowers — quite a good hobby for a woman like me.”

Interestingly, with the arrival of spring, albeit a calendar, elegant, truly feminine hobby appeared many celebrities. For example, Svetlana Khodchenkova seriously interested in cutting and sewing. The actress is paying more and more to this
their personal time, delighting not only themselves, but also friends.

“I can’t deal only with work, but
to relax, doing nothing, too, can not, — says the actress. Now
I was particularly fascinated by the tattoo fabric on the mannequin. This is a special method
tailoring allows you to make from one piece of fabric a
transformer in the form of a skirt, dress or poncho. In the process I feel
the real Creator, under your hands a vivid image appears. So I
got himself a hobby that truly captivates me”.