Vera Brezhnev with a hairstyle “under the boy” became the object of ridicule

Вера Брежнева со стрижкой «под мальчика» стала объектом насмешек
The singer is not afraid of criticism from the fans.

Vera Brezhneva

Photo: @ververa (Instagram Vera Brezhneva)

The whole of Russia have passed graduation. Thousands of students celebrated the completion of the study. To support their many stars shared archive images and showed how it looked in the very beginning of his career. Vera Brezhnev went among them and published a photo of the school.

Portrait of the singer caused a furor in the Network. The actress was pictured with very short hair “like a boy”. Of course, Brezhnev looked then is not so impressive as now. At the same time, she was not afraid to show these pictures to fans. She is proud of the way she did in order to become recognized as a sex symbol.

“I see… would Never know” “come on! Here is motivation for everyone. If we have Faith it happened to be transformed…”, “the Difference, as stated on the face”, “I was worried that my dress to prom was terrible, and now this…”, “Looks older than it is now… And how is that possible?” — wrote Faith.

Recall that in early June Brezhneva premiered a new video for the song “Close friends”. By the way, the video was shot in early may in Eastern Europe in extreme conditions. In the bright sun, the thermometer barely reached 1°C of heat. While Brezhnev starred in a summer dress, knowing that the premiere will take place in June and the atmosphere should be appropriate.