Vera Brezhnev went out on new job

Вера Брежнева вышла на новую работу
The singer will lead a new show on STS.

Vera Brezhneva

Photo: press service of STS

singer Vera Brezhneva will be
leading a new large-scale show STS
“Success,” in which the best vocalists from across the country will compete for
place on a musical Olympus without the help of producers.

“There are many successful examples of self-made celebrities who
achieved success on their own — Taylor swift, ed Sheeran, Oxxxymiron, Max Korzh.
All of them, destroying the laws of show business, showed what they are capable and got
the love of millions. Their example confirms the rules of the new time: now it is important
just how much you’re talented, charismatic, cool, in the end. Great
the channel STS has decided to take a chance and show the country what a real talent
the producer does not need,” Vera said.

Under the terms
the show, already in the first release viewers along with their three star mentors
choose four singers who will receive wide fame and all
tools to conquer the show business on their own.
But all this may be lost as quickly as gained. Vera Brezhnev inspire those brave individuals who each week will
to challenge the top four to take their place.