Вера Брежнева разделась ради нового клипа

Popular singer introduced a new song called “Feel” in English.

Photos of the singer in swimsuits always are wildly popular. Her beautiful body is not averse to enjoy both men and women. Why not? Beauty is and always will be in fashion. No wonder that a new video for the song “Feel” fans of star blondes rushed to look with particular zeal.

In some episodes of the video Vera Brezhnev appeared in front of the fans almost completely naked. Someone immediately began to compare the singer with Brigitte Bardot, but most just enthusiastically admired her beauty.

However, and here, as always, was not without criticism.

“For my taste, Veronica is not enough!” – wrote one of the users, as if to imply that the strong half of humanity expected from the main bombshell of the country a little more. The result was only a hint of nudity, which, however, caused a lot of violent fantasies.

But is it bad? The woman must always be a mystery. Let her Faith and remains. And in the meantime we watch the clip and enjoy!

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