Vera Brezhnev was electrocuted on a bridge in Nepal

Веру Брежневу ударило током на мосту в Непале
The singer was injured during the filming of the video.

Vera Brezhneva

Photo: @ververa (Instagram Vera Brezhneva)

Some time ago Vera Brezhneva started the tradition: from time to time in her blog, she tells the details of the shooting of old clips. This time the singer was plunged into the memories associated with the work on the video for the song “Real life”. To create this clip the artist had to spend a few days in “Spartan conditions” in Nepal.

Vera shared his impressions on local residents who watched with interest the process of filming, and remembered a few unpleasant moments: stolen dog sneakers, the lack of hot water and shooting on the metal bridge in the rain. For the latter, by the way, Faith took a big risk. “This bridge was the only way the villagers
across the pond. So empty he almost never visited. In order to remove the frame — we
sometimes up to half an hour sitting and waiting when people pass… And the bridge plus
still very long! Waited to the point that it started to rain… eventually
removed almost all of the remaining doubles in the rain! And then the metal bridge began
to make itself felt — the current fight, and I walked on it barefoot!” — said Brezhnev.

By the way, in my previous stories of Faith shared revelations about how was it shooting in the style of “Nude”, a twenty suit in which she had to spend more than one hour at the site, and about how one day she was expelled from the local market in Thailand. Each new story of the singer makes it clear to fans how many difficulties Brezhnev and the film crew had to overcome, for a few beautiful frames.