Vera Brezhnev updated blog pregnant the

Вера Брежнева обновила блог беременным снимком
Since then, as Vera Brezhneva officially married Konstantin Meladze, many are waiting for the moment when celebrity couple will be decided on the total child.

Вера Брежнева обновила блог беременным снимком

But while Faith is not ready to be a mom for the third time. But congratulates his girlfriend Hannah Khmelevo, which gave birth to the baby.

“Finally!!!! Every pregnant woman can no longer hear the question : “Well, when is it due?”The question is removed!!!!!!! Just happened today another holiday!!! In our regiment of Aquarius arrived My friend Hannah @hannahmeleva gave birth to a son 3 days before his DR. We have happiness))) !!! Congratulations to all who was born today. #Temascaltepec”

– wrote in Instagram Faith and reinforced the entry to the pregnant friend.

The very same Brezhnev while hints of pregnancy does not, showing flat tummy.

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