Вера Брежнева разделась перед камерами The singer has released a new video for the song Feel. Vera Brezhnev surprised fans of his work that appeared in the frame in the Nude. Fans admired the perfect figure of 34-year-old star.

      Вера Брежнева разделась перед камерами

      Singer Vera Brezhnev released a video for the English song Feel. In a new video the star has appeared in a few striking images, but most of her fans were struck by the footage in which the singer shows naked body.

      Feel the song talks about the emotions, about freedom and love. The heroine of the clip’s dream to be a waterfall that never stops and wants all her wishes fulfilled. Brezhnev appears in the video with a bare back, trying passionate red dress and dances in the form of an angel, dressed in a white outfit.

      “My songs are different… With different mood, different patterns, in different languages. Once there was a song Feel. Not for something, not for some reason. I felt. And on this tune lay down such lyrics. And today on my YouTube channel has a video for this song. The creative tandem of Director Ekaterina Belinskaya and designer/stylist Alisa Gagarina. We wanted to create… to Convey our feelings,” announced the release of the clip Brezhnev, laying out a frame from the video in his microblog.

      Fans of ex-member of “VIA gra” was pleased with the new video of our favorite. “A very beautiful composition. Femininity and beauty shines”, “I like this work, you are there just some ground”, “the video turned out incredibly tender and emotional,” – shared his impressions followers “Instagram” of Faith.

      By the way, Brezhnev did not hesitate to appear semi-Nude in music videos. Also it allows yourself to wear revealing outfits for the publication, shocking the audience. The woman looks beautiful, so do not miss an opportunity to showcase the sensual curves of your body. None of the fans never blamed Brezhnev vulgarity. Images of the singer always sophisticated and stylish.

      Faith itself claims that in her youth she considered herself an attractive girl. I’m a long time his appearance is not much interested. Knew that ugly, well and accepted it as a given. Wore short hair, no curls,” recalled Brezhnev. According to the ex-participant of group “VIA Gra”, his mother managed to instill in her the right taste in clothes, so in a short time the girl ceased to look ridiculous. Vera Brezhnev got rid of major systems.

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