Vera Brezhnev tried on a wedding dress Cinderella

Вера Брежнева примерила свадебное платье Золушки

The Russian star went to a wedding the Destination Wedding Planners Congress Congress in Florence, where she was able to try on the luxury wedding dress and to play the role of Cinderella.

In the “Instagram” of Vera Brezhneva appeared an unusual video. In respect of star like Cinderella running up the stairs in a sumptuous gown with a fluffy hem. The bodice of the dress was decorated with a scattering of silver sequins in the toilet Brezhnev really looked almost like the heroine of a fairy tale.

It turned out, Vera Brezhnev decided to transform into Cinderella, as she named herself in the caption to the video, not just. The star arrived at the wedding Congress in Florence with my friend Anna, which organized their own wedding Agency. Destination Wedding Planners Congress is the event for professionals of wedding business, Vera and Anna also took part.

Videos posted Vera Brezhneva (@ververa) 11 APR 2016 10:38 PDT

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