Vera Brezhnev told about a poor childhood

Вера Брежнева рассказала о бедном детстве
For many fans the famous singer Vera Brezhneva is the ideal example to follow.

Вера Брежнева рассказала о бедном детстве

In recognition of the singer, she tries to live with a positive attitude to life.

Faith told that it is not always in her life everything went smoothly.

In childhood the family lived very poorly, and the star was a notorious child.

“I was very, very touchy since childhood, sea, scarcity in some things. Plus poverty. There is a set of a poor man. Class hatred. After all, when you have no money, you talk about it, hint – here are the tights sewn by an arrow, poor thing! You all take it as an insult,” – said Brezhnev.

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