Vera Brezhnev spoke about the “poor man complex”

Вера Брежнева рассказала о «комплексе бедного человека» The actress recalled a difficult childhood. According to Vera, it was even rot due to the fact that she went to a battered things. The star says that’s why she pulled the first serious fees on clothes.

      For many popular singer Vera Brezhneva is an example to follow. The actress has repeatedly admitted that the image that is seen by the audience and listeners, it is the result of hard work on myself. Star always tries to keep a positive attitude. However, as said Brezhnev was not always so.

      Many years ago a family of Faith lived in poverty, and the future artist grew uncommunicative and sullen child. Many peers mocked her, as she often went to the shabby things.

      Vera Brezhnev got rid of major systems

      “I was very, very touchy since childhood, sea, scarcity in some things. Plus poverty. There is a set of a poor man. Class hatred. After all, when you have no money, you talk about it, hint – here are the tights sewn by an arrow, poor thing! You all take it as an insult,” said Faith.

      As he remembered the actress, when she received the first royalties, immediately went to the store to buy a lot of new things. Since Brezhnev grew up with three sisters, they often had to share with each other things.

      “The eldest had a sweater he loved me so! I said, “let me give you a massage and you let me wear this sweater.” Childhood left me with a mark. Something, fortunately, I have let go, but something had to work,” – explained Leonid Brezhnev.

      Informed Faith admitted that in the childhood considered themselves “ugly”, short cut hair and almost never wore. She grew up in Dniprodzerzhynsk, where at that time there were no stores, so the girls were trying to borrow the images of models from magazines. However, they did not succeed, and they looked ridiculous.

      Now fans admire the elegance of Brezhnev and believe that she is never a failure images. The artist herself claims that there are times when she looks tired and not ready to meet with fans. Confessed Faith in an interview with the SNC, she refuses to be photographed with fans at airports. “Better go, I’ll take you and these arms will stay in memory much longer than the photo,” – said Brezhnev.