Вера Брежнева показала подросшую дочь Fans of the star found that the girl looks just like her mother. The singer rarely shares photos of the youngest daughter Sarah, but the holiday made a pleasant exception. Vera Brezhnev on family holidays in Sunny Italy.

      Вера Брежнева показала подросшую дочь

      Vera Brezhnev – not only one of the most popular and attractive singers on the Russian stage, but also the mother of two wonderful daughters. Senior Sonia often appears in the society pages. 15-year-old lady makes the first steps in the career model. Youngest daughter Sarah star, in contrast, protects from unwanted attention. In December the baby will be seven years and maybe she will go to the first class. And while the girl in the family is enjoying warm summer days.

      One of those happy moments Faith captured on your smartphone. Brezhnev published a photograph of little Sarah against the clear, blue sky. Subscribers microblog singer found that the girl is very charming and is like a mother.

      “She’s grown up girl”, “Sara – a girl-girl, very gentle”, “Little angel”, “Krasotulka growing! Very my mom is like,” “And the mole almost, where my mom”, “What a good girl. Let it grow as beautiful as his mother and grandmother,” wrote in the comments to the picture fans of the star.
      Вера Брежнева показала подросшую дочь

      By the way, the Faith happy that I was able to provide his daughters cloudless in every sense of life. Because her own childhood was far from ideal. The future star grew up in a large family where every penny counted. Faith soon learned that such labor.

      “In my childhood I worked in my native Dnipropetrovsk, in the cafe “dune” as a dishwasher, – made a surprise confession in one of the programs Brezhnev. – And the barman is the highest caste, they were making more money than the dishwasher, and look more aesthetically pleasing”. As told by the singer, she was forced to help his family and work began, while still a student of eleventh grade.

      Girls of marriageable age: the popularity and prosperity of the star heiresses

      Interestingly, the eldest daughter of Faith, Sonia has also earns. The girl herself, without her mother’s protection, found the contacts of one of the young designer and offered him their nomination as a model. Thus began the professional career of the young heiress Brezhneva.

      It is obvious that soon Sonia will become one of the enviable brides, because now the blond ladies a crowd of fans in social networks. And not so long ago Vera Brezhneva said that her daughter appeared cavalier.

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