Vera Brezhnev showed rounded tummy

Вера Брежнева показала округлившийся животик The singer posing on the photo to open the leotard. Judging by the caption to the picture, Vera Brezhneva decided to make fun of your subscribers. However, some began to suggest that the woman is in an interesting position.

      For the life of the famous singer Vera Brezhneva in the popular social network following of over six million people. The singer has a great sense of humor, so she sometimes jokes on its subscribers, posting ambiguous pictures. On the last frame of a Faith posing in a two-piece, and her hands hugging rounded tummy. Fans were ready to congratulate the star with the third pregnancy. However, in the caption to the picture of Brezhnev destroyed their illusions.

      “I don’t have a photo with trump, and I’m not pregnant. In short, not a trend. But I know how to inflate the belly so,” said the singer.

      Followers of the actress was surprised by her abilities and praised her great sense of humor. “Well, you’re a hoot Faith”, “Faith, you’re so cool! You don’t have to be in the trend! Enough that you just have” that “wonderful woman”, “Here’s looking at you, and every day, the mood rises, apparently through the screen is passed, All understood, appreciated the humor!” wrote subscribers stars.

      After the wedding in 2015 with Konstantin Meladze, Vera Brezhnev is credited with the interesting position every two to three months. She already laughs at such predictions, the media and Internet users. Her relatives also gradually accustomed to the fact that it is not necessary to believe everything that appears on the Faith in the Network. Mother of ex-member of the group “VIA Gra” always recheck the information. “Recently wrote from Russia that the television showed that Faith was pregnant. Of course, I asked her, since that is also how mom can read about this latest. The first few years I worried and even cried when I read some negative things about her daughter, because no one knows better than mother and relatives. And then you just stopped paying attention to it, read it and calmed down,” – said Tamara V. Galushka.

      By the way, Brezhnev carefully watches his diet and is constantly training in the gym or performing the postures of yoga. In a separate microblog she gives tips on healthy eating and talks about her beauty secrets.