Vera Brezhnev showed intimate tattoo on place

Вера Брежнева показала тату на интимном месте Sonia Kiperman published in Instagram joint shot with mom. Photo Vera Brezhnev showed intimate tattoo, which is not even suspected fans.
Вера Брежнева показала тату на интимном месте

About the personal life of Vera Brezhneva does not like to talk, like to post pictures with the family. A different opinion, it seems, adheres to the eldest daughter of the singer Sonia – girl has published in the Network a photograph in which the artist demonstrates a tattoo done near an intimate place.

Sonja once said that Faith carefully monitors her account. So all the pictures the girls are being supervised.

“Like mother, like daughter”, signed the Sonya.
Вера Брежнева показала тату на интимном месте

“Wow, Faith! You have an interesting tattoo!”, “At first I thought that naked… Felt…”, “Wow, that’s unexpected!”, “What is beauty”, said the Network users.

Вера Брежнева показала тату на интимном месте

The last few years Brezhneva daughter lives far away from relatives in America. There she graduated from high school and plans to pursue higher education. Star mom admitted that she was difficult to persuade the eldest heir to consciously approach the future.

“Sonia is very serious about learning. And I am glad she understands: it is necessary for her. Early, years to 14, she probably did me a favor. At about the age she once was the conversation: “can You learn, if you learn only to make me feel calmer. I don’t need it. You’re free to do whatever you want – it’s your life, you’re a grown man. But you have to understand that this decision will be followed by so-and-so.” Then she started thinking and came to the conclusion: to reach the goal, it needs knowledge,” said Brezhnev in an interview.

According to the artist, Sonia wants to work in the film industry – she intends to enroll in an American University. Faith noted that she had very little time left on the youngest daughter Sarah because of the tight tour schedule.

“Sara’s music, draws, kicks. For it is now the main world is a mother. Unfortunately, we do not communicate as often as we would like. Although I home. And in the evening, if not fly somewhere, I’m always with family. And those hours that we were together with Sarah, I try to spend efficiently. We play, we find an interesting case,” – said the singer.

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