Vera Brezhnev showed Albina naked Dzhanabaeva

Вера Брежнева показала обнаженную Альбину Джанабаеву The singer congratulated his friend and relative a happy birthday. Vera Brezhnev published archival photos from Albina Dzhanabaeva, which has caused excitement among the subscribers of the star.

      Вера Брежнева показала обнаженную Альбину Джанабаеву

      Singer Vera Brezhneva has posted in microblog very bold photos, which it captured along with her friend and colleague to participate in the popular trio “VIA Gra”, the Albina Dzhanabaeva.

      Snapshot, obviously, the archive and was made just at the time when the girls sang in the group. It is beauty captured hugging each other. Faith helps her friend to take off the dress. Albina thus turned to the photographer back, completely naked. It turned out incredibly daring, beautiful and erotic. This view, as it turned out, Vera Brezhnev decided to not only remember the happy years of youth, when they, along with Albina dzhanabaeva conquer the Russian show business, but also to congratulate the girlfriend happy birthday. On 9 April, a famous singer, actress and mother of two sons turned 37 years old. “Happy birthday, Albina! To give you a hug is so nice. Hug! Accept our congratulations, and may you have a good mood!”, – posted by Vera Brezhneva under erotic photography. The congratulations immediately joined the fans of the two singers, who appreciated the style and beauty of the picture. “Happy birthday, Albina! My bright peers!”, “You’re beautiful” – written by fans of “VIA gra”. Responded to the warm wishes and the heroine of the occasion. “Thank You, Faith! – wrote in comments to the post Albina dzhanabaeva. Good day to you, and have already I see you again”.

      As you know, the former member of the popular group “VIA Gra” Vera Brezhnev and Albina dzhanabaeva recently not just friends but relatives. Young women have become companions of the lives of two brothers Meladze. Vera Brezhnev in the fall of last year, became the wife of composer and producer Konstantin Meladze and Albina dzhanabaeva a long time together with the singer Konstantin Meladze. The singer gave birth to her beloved two sons of Constantine and Onion. However, they formalized the relationship officially or not is unknown. Celebrity couple not so long ago ceased to conceal that they are close, but to be Frank on the topic of the family is not ready. According to Dzhanabaeva, after they declassified his novel, they came under a barrage of criticism and condemnation. Now Albina does everything possible to preserve hard-built happiness, the love and peace that now filled their home.

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