Vera Brezhnev showed a family reunion with Konstantin Meladze

Вера Брежнева показала семейную идиллию с Константином Меладзе The singer touching congratulated the wife with the anniversary. Vera Brezhneva has laid out a photo in which she is depicted with her husband. Fans rushed to congratulate the star couple.
Вера Брежнева показала семейную идиллию с Константином Меладзе

Vera Brezhnev and Meladze Contantine have been married for two years, but their relationship they prefer not to advertise. Lovers played a secret wedding in Italy, details of which prosachilos ‘ in the media by accident. Now the singer and producer rarely appear together at social events, and each of their joint output becomes a sensation.

In honor of the wedding anniversary of Brezhnev decided to lift the veil of secrecy over the last two years ago with a ceremony and showed a frame made, in the opinion of the fans during the celebration. The picture shows the singer and producer is depicted embracing.

“Love and be loved”, – signed photo and a touching Faith.

Fans rushed to congratulate the star couple on such an important day for them. “I fully agree, love is most important. Be happy together,” “Love Faith and hope that she finally found the one, the only man”, “Very beautiful couple. Sorry, we rarely see photos of the two,” wrote the fans of the actress.

Many subscribers Brezhneva in Instagram drew attention to her outfit. In pictures Faith captured in a pale pink dress which is richly decorated with lace. On the ring finger of the singer you may notice a gorgeous engagement ring with a large precious stone.

Konstantin Meladze rarely gives comments about his personal life. In an interview he prefers to discuss achievements and plans. Brezhnev also does not speak about their relationship. However, earlier, the singer mentioned that he would like to give a lover a child.

Now Vera has two daughters from previous marriages. The young woman often share joint photos with children, noting that motherhood completely changed her life. In order to make a happy child, Brezhnev even willing to go to experiment with looks. Recently, she showed a picture in an unexpected way.

“Why not do it for the child. Even kanekalon braids”, – said the singer about an original hairstyle.