Вера Брежнева поделилась пикантным фото без макияжа
37-year-old Vera Brezhneva posted in home Instagram selfie without makeup, which is posing without clothes.

Вера Брежнева поделилась пикантным фото без макияжа

Faith has a picture of himself in a homemade white shirt on a naked body.

The picture was taken to illustrate some idea about what was said in the previous entry:

“You know, now the trend is amazing, so much attention is given to the external imperfection… That is, you can’t be yourself. Do you have “Internet experts” will advise you to change something, to work hard, improve, upgrade. Girls are not able to accept themselves for who they are, can not fall in love with their raisins. And that is why strive to make something of themselves, becoming similar to each other. I love these girls you see in Instagram. And they are much younger than me… Now I am 37 years old (1982 ) and I like myself. Yes, it happened immediately. Because in the majority of society to impose its own framework and rules. And to me they strongly dislike.. so I had to deal with myself. And now I don’t want to offend anyone, but the eyelashes in the form of a cap over the eye, overly enlarged lips, blocked by Botox forehead without emotion – a tribute to weird fashion. And most importantly – all the same. We are so different, unique unit, and who is trying to be like the others, finding in this sample beauty. Certainly, I too not iron. Looked at it, thought what they ideal, then looked at myself, saw the difference, thought maybe I have something to do with myself…. even tried some treatments and, fortunately, not dramatically, but once you understand that, it’s not mine. Came back to him. Can’t explain it, but I am glad my normal, real person. Yes, of course, I try to care for it, but not crazy, and it is not too much. Want to hear from you. What’s your mood? How you perceive yourself? As you can see others? What do you think ? Really natural beauty no longer relevant? “.

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