Vera Brezhnev put the youngest daughter in the style of the 70s

Вера Брежнева одела младшую дочь в стиле 70-х

Russian star has shared with her fans a photo together with six-year-old daughter Sara. Looks like a singer from an early age instills his younger sibling’s sense of style.

The style of Vera Brezhneva became the subject of discussion: its ability to combine outfits can be the envy of any fashionista. The star is clearly trying to instill good taste and their daughters. For example, in mid-April in Instagram Brezhneva appeared the photo, which she posed with her younger daughter, Sarah. The mother and child looked very stylish!

Vera Brezhnev preferred the tight black vest top, MIDI skirt with bright geometric pattern and a cropped quilted jacket. The star complemented the look with flat ankle boots and feminine timepiece on metal bracelet.

Youngest daughter Brezhneva, Sarah, which, incidentally, is only six years old, appeared in a fashionable manner in the spirit of the 70-ies. On this day, the girl was in a romantic dress with ruffles, suede jacket with fringe and ankle boots, made in the same style. Vera Brezhnev clearly tried to make their daughter and the images were combined with each other!

Meanwhile, the eldest daughter of the stars, Sonja, not just well-dressed, and already makes its first steps in model business. The girl became the star of one of the shows at new York fashion Week and walked the runway Bella Potemkina autumn-winter 2016/17.

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