Вера Брежнева сделала неожиданное признание
The singer has told that is proud of its past.

Vera Brezhneva

Photo: @ververa (Instagram Vera Brezhneva)

Vera Brezhnev became the
a member of the TV show “high life”, in which did
an unexpected confession. It turns out that before she has established a successful
the singer’s career, Faith worked as a dishwasher…! But the wife of Konstantin Meladze
this did not hesitate, but rather proud that we can provide for ourselves
myself at a very young age.

In ancient times after
in school, Brezhnev did not run home to do the lessons and the cafeteria to wash
ashtrays and “scrub away” from the tables dried-on gum. However, as told
Faith, in its estimated that does does not negatively impact. When I was there
free moment, she took out the books and were sitting at a table in a
cafe. The singer is proud that not only myself, even as a schoolgirl, earned
to life, but also the fact that at the same time does well.

Recall now Faith
is not only a singing career, but is also a goodwill Ambassador for the UN.
She is seriously concerned about the issues related to the health of the population, in particular
Brezhnev pays a lot of attention to the problem of HIV infection. Faith admits,
what another year and a half ago, when she was offered to support the UN program, she
she knew about HIV only by hearsay. But now she may have not
only psychological support to infected women who underwent
violence in families and in society, but even to advise a relatively early
the diagnosis of this disease.

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