Вера Брежнева произвела фурор зажигательным танцем в бикини The singer staged a warm-up before performance in the club. Fans of Vera Brezhneva once again admitted that she folded like a goddess. The star had nothing to hide, because its shape is perfect.

      Summer is in full swing, and that means the stars have to demonstrate how they prepared for the beach season. “Instagram” famous girls regularly replenished their sexy pictures in swimsuit. Hot time: 35 sexiest stars in bikinis

      Not behind his famous colleagues popular singer and renowned beauty Vera Brezhneva. At 34 years old ex-soloist of the popular female group “VIA Gra” looks amazing and occasionally demonstrates it to the followers of the microblog.

      This time the singer has surprised not a still photo from the beach, and lively dance. Sunday Vera Brezhnev stands in one of the clubs of Odessa. In this city on the Black sea, she arrived early and managed to make it to find time to rest. Of course, the famous blonde went to the beach, where he performed a dance in a bikini. Faith in the microblogging posted a condensed version to fit in a. gif image.

      “Odessa. Already in place, tonight dance together”, signed Vera Brezhneva short video that enraptured her podeschi.

      “You are so cool, no words!”, “Stunning Faith. So slim, just do not want to eat, look at this”, “Babe! I used these legs are long”, “Very boldly. I’m ashamed that I saw all the pretty things”, “Not every young girl boast of such a form, not to mention the same age of Faith”, “Faith’s Got a perfect body, to be envied” – literally showered the singer with compliments by all who have seen her dance in a bikini. It is worth noting that recently Vera Brezhnev entered the top ten sexiest women by the readers of the magazine “StarHit”.

      Meanwhile, the appearance of the singer, which all admire, is not a gift of nature, and the result of Titanic work of Vera Brezhneva on yourself. Vera Brezhneva does not regret forces for the sake of a perfect body

      Periodically star shares beauty secrets and shows in his various exercises, thanks to which she manages to keep your figure in perfect condition. Recently, she posted a video with a workout, which ended her weekend.

      But in his youth Vera Brezhnev did not consider himself an attractive girl. I’m a long time his appearance is not much interested. Knew that ugly, well and accepted it as a given. Wore short hair, no curls,” recalled Brezhnev. According to the ex-participant of group “VIA Gra”, his mother managed to instill in her the right taste in clothes, so soon she stopped to look ridiculous.

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