Вера Брежнева оправдалась за короткую стрижку
The singer answered numerous questions from fans about the change of image.

Vera Brezhneva

Photo: Instagram

Vera Brezhneva so tired
constant questions about why she cut her beautiful long hair that
the singer broke down and decided to dot the I on his page in the social network.

beautiful photo, where the singer demonstrates in all its glory a new hairstyle
Brezhnev wrote: “a Little about my personal life. Answers to frequently asked
questions! My relationship with long hair lasted more than 15 years. Yes, I decided
and got a haircut. No, I’m not sorry and I don’t. I katuu! Lightness, freshness,
something new. I just wanted to make a highlight in our relationship. Hair
was not against it. They don’t teeth grow back. Already growing! I love myself with
new hairstyle. Hair healthy and a little lighter and the sun seem even
lighter. I love experiments. And summer is not hot!”

By the way, Faith loves to change the appearance. In may
this year, the star has intrigued fans by posting in the microblog the photo
where she poses with pink hair color. However, it later emerged that the blonde “with the experience” changed the appearance temporarily,
exclusively for the filming of the new clip.