Vera Brezhnev is suffering in separation from daughters

Вера Брежнева страдает в разлуке с дочерьми On average, the singer spent a little more than 10 days a month with children. Faith admitted that constantly calls up and rewritten with a sixteen year old Sonia and seven-year-old Sara, so girls can always consult with mom.
Вера Брежнева страдает в разлуке с дочерьми

Singer Vera Brezhnev told reporters that she helps to keep peace in the family and not to lose touch with her daughters. Despite the tight schedule of the star, she always finds time to communicate with Sarah and Sonya.

“When I was in a group (Approx. ed talking about “VIA GRE”), our communication with the daughter became very episodic. I was constantly on the move. Subsequently, I tried to fix and fill. It was my choice, I try to avoid feelings of guilt. If I were now asked, would I change anything in my past? No. Exactly what happened to me in my life, led me to where I am now,” said the singer.

According to Vera, behind every person has a path that he had to go through to achieve a certain status. “Sometimes to achieve a goal we have something to limit myself,” said Brezhnev.

The actress also clarified that provided for his children, however, were able to maintain love, respect, mutual help, support and care in the family.

“I come home a maximum of 10-12 days in a month. But even if I don’t, my daughters are constantly in touch – texting, talk on the phone. If you do the math, maybe for the average mom, which in the morning goes to work, and come home in the evening, prepares and handles cases, it is less time to spend with children. My daughters see mom happy, albeit sometimes tired. I appreciate every minute of our chatting and get pleasure from the fact that I have,” – said Vera.

The singer admitted that she learned to combine a career with family responsibilities. The rise to fame of the actress was not easy.

“I didn’t have this, so one morning I suddenly woke up famous. Everything in my life, I earned and deserved. Success is such a fragile state you are even afraid to believe it, because there is always the fear of disappointment. I am absolutely pragmatic and rational person,” – said Brezhnev in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem”.

Faith noted that it is still experiencing before each performance. “Maybe because I didn’t have star fever. Still nervous in front of the stage, nervous as the first time, and it dissolved, because they feel their audience”, – said the artist.