Vera Brezhnev in the school had to protect itself

Вере Брежневой в школе приходилось защищать себя
Popular singer Vera Brezhnev repeatedly admitted that the child she was difficult.

Вере Брежневой в школе приходилось защищать себя

In childhood, the singer was a normal girl, and her beauty will not name. So her classmates often called names, mocked her, however, she staunchly defended myself.

Вере Брежневой в школе приходилось защищать себя

“To our school Faith come to the current team. It was the fifth class to sixth. Awkward ugly duckling. Girl they called her – bespectacled, halucha-frog. In the class there were 20 girls and only 6 boys. None of us did not protect her. She took the shot. Sometimes even the fights were in the yard. And after the girls were late for class, and Faith came in, disheveled and in tears. But always struggled. Did severely once stuck to the back of the piece of paper on which was written “the Ugly,” said a classmate of the artist.

Now the Belief has changed dramatically, she looks just gorgeous and is considered one of the most beautiful women in the Russian show-business.

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