Vera Brezhnev in his youth, was willing to give a massage for a beautiful sweater

Вера Брежнева в юности готова была делать массаж ради красивого свитера

It is now Michael Jackson – superstar, life is the envy of millions. But in childhood and teenage years on such a large-scale success, she could not even dream of. Confessed Faith in recent interview with SNC, their living conditions caused her to dream about how to succeed and never know no needs.

Brezhnev said that in her childhood because of a poor life is complex “poor man”, from which it was extremely difficult to get rid of: “I was very, very touchy since childhood, sea, scarcity in some things. Plus poverty. There is a set of a poor man. Class hatred. After all, when you have no money, you talk about it, hint — here are the tights sewn by an arrow, poor thing! You all take it as an insult.”

Like many children of the Soviet period, the Faith had to share things with her sisters. Brezhnev shared a funny story about how she “begged” she likes the sweater my sister: “the eldest had a sweater he loved me so! I said, “let me give you a massage and you let me wear this sweater.” Childhood left me with a mark. Something, fortunately, I have let go, but something had to work.”

Given the difficult childhood of Faith, it is not surprising that one night she spent it on something to update your wardrobe.

But now the singer is full of instagram photos in which she flaunts luxurious evening gowns, with expensive name brand accessories, and so on.