Vera Brezhnev in a revealing bikini compared to a goddess

Веру Брежневу в откровенном бикини сравнили с богиней The singer was vacationing in Thailand. On the last day of his vacation Vera Brezhnev shared a photo where she poses in a swimsuit Golden brown. Fans of the celebrity was delighted with her appearance. According to them, the star was in great form.

      Singer Vera Brezhnev went on holiday to Thailand. Artist many sunbathed, swam and showed the fans a trim figure in a swimsuit. Fans wanted a celebrity to gain strength before the working day and forget about all the problems. Before leaving, Faith shared her picture in which she is depicted in a stylish bikini and a transparent Cape.

      “The final day of the holiday is more precious than gold,” – shared the actress in the microblog.

      Users of social networks found that the star looks great. They wrote her a lot of enthusiastic compliments. “Mermaid”, “Queen”, “Pleasant view”, “elegant Figure”, “Beauty”, “Faith, you are amazing”, “you can’t be attractive! How do you keep in shape?”, “Charming”, “I Envy. You are incredible. No one model gives me so many emotions. Admire, admire”, “Perfect”, “Flawless”, “the body of the goddess,” was discussed by the fans of a celebrity.

      Earlier Vera Brezhnev published a photograph taken at one of the overseas beaches. In the picture the artist posing while basking under the hot sun of Thailand. Celebrity depicted in a casual and Flirty pose. The publication of the Faith provoked a strong reaction among users of social networks. “Super, no words”, “Cool”, “I’m just dumbfounded”, “No wonder you called one of the sexiest singers”, “Great”, “Perfect woman”, “crazy”, “Unearthly beauty”, “Amazing”, – wrote the fans of the stars.

      Note that Vera Brezhnev has repeatedly shared the secrets of their stunning appearance. The artist tries to eat right and loves sports. Another passion of Faith yoga, which she practices twice a week. In addition, Brezhnev doing exercises in the morning. According to the singer, she was excluded from their diet, many harmful products, including cream, margarine and fatty sauces. Star also does not drink sweet drinks, packaged juices and abstaining from food in batter. Snacking Vera prefers fruit. In an interview with reporters Brezhnev also admitted that he always adheres to the naturalness and naturalness. Therefore, in everyday life Faith almost never use cosmetics and picks a pale manicure.