Вера Брежнева обиделась на присвоенный ей «титул» разлучницы
The singer was surprised by the sharp reaction to the statement by TV stars.

Photo: @Instagram ververa Vera Brezhneva

In the world of Russian show business has ripened the next conflict.
Its main participants were Vera Brezhnev and Alena Vodonaeva. It would seem that the popular singer and star of “House-2” in my life so many “points of intersection”… But before Vodonaeva
announced that Brezhnev put it in “block” in social networks and
interrupted with her all communication.

It happened because of the recent publication of Alena, where she is
expressed their attitude to the mistress known producers. “We live in a country of double standards. In a very controversial
society. In which a girl who is 20 years participated in a reality show and
met with the boys in sympathy, will be respected less than a girl
HMG 20 years in the women’s team, intensively sleeping with a married producer (singer,
Director, businessman, man in General!) or more trenchant — took him from his family!”
— said the TV star.

Says Vodonaeva,
later, many media “yanked” quotes from written by her, said turning inside out.
As a result, Faith had a grudge against her. “I think where I Vera Brezhneva ribbon
go away. For many years it signed. Liked the work, liked
admire the beautiful photos. Gaining her account — I unit — said Vodonaeva fans. Hmm…
Puzzled, I called my Director with the question — maybe I do not know?

And it turns out that
various sites and pages pilfered my post about singers and girls from
show business, I’ve pulled out of context, made up articles and filed as “direct speech”
Vodonaevoy about Brezhneva… But apparently it was Faith was about me
block. Signed: not an angel Alena Vodonaeva, by the way, never
not seen with married men, not takes anyone from the family and never in
life not registered in someone’s mistress!”