Вера Брежнева объяснила, почему ее дочь не общается со своим отцом
Singer and actress made a surprise confession.

Vera Brezhneva with her daughter Sonja

Photo: Ekaterina Kondratieva. MakeUp Milena Lutsk

Recently Vera Brezhnev visited the city of his childhood — Dneprodzerzhinsk.

“I’ve been waiting for this day
very much wanted to go there, — said the singer and actress. — The last time I was there eight years ago, we
celebrated the 75th anniversary of my grandmother’s Faith, in whose honor I was named. But then I
the city especially did not see. Came, congratulated me and left. But now I wanted
to be held in Dniprodzerzhynsk the whole day. I just did all the iconic for me
places have experienced a whole range of feelings and emotions. But I knew that
the past is long gone. Even the wide streets seem narrow as
if I grew out of them… I visited his former school, in which
is now another establishment. We called and met with my
the homeroom teacher. Then I went to the house in which we lived. Apartment
parents have long been sold when he moved to Borispol. But the memories will not
anywhere. It was an exciting day.”

By the way, in the same city lived the father of the eldest daughter, 15-year-old Sony (still Brezhnev raising 6-year-old Sarah from his marriage with the Ukrainian businessman Mikhail Kiperman. — Approx. ed.).

“I don’t know the answer to the question, where is he now. We have long ceased to communicate, ” confessed the Faith. — Sonya although I do not forbid you to see my father, on the contrary, I cite her example of her older
sister, who’s been deprived of such opportunities. Been asked many times:
don’t you want to see and talk? But apparently they couldn’t find
a common language. So Sony has no need to communicate, and I have no right
to insist”.

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