Веру Брежневу выгнали с рынка в Тайланде
The singer told about the scandalous case of travel.

Vera Brezhneva

Photo: Instagram.com

That just does not have to go to the stars at the request of the Director during the video shoot! Vera Brezhnev indulged in nostalgia and talked about how he filmed the video for her song “Love will save the world.” It turned out that the shooting took place in extreme conditions. On the street temperature was above 50 degrees, so that the cosmetics on the face of the singer literally “melted”.

“Makeup dripping on the face, hair from the heat and humidity was out of control. But the hardest part was dancing on the hot asphalt (I turn around at the end of the clip). Between every take I shouting barely reaches to his shoes!” she confessed.

In addition, Brezhnev told about the unpleasant time of the filming, when it was expelled from the market, where the Director is planning to shoot a few frames. “Is the footage where I go over the bridge. This bridge is part of the local market. He kicked us out! They didn’t like my orange sundress…” — she complained. However, this was not the only time when work on the clip was in jeopardy. “A few shots we took on a private island. Of course, when traveling to the island, we didn’t know about it! Only when we began to drive out — right… But then we managed to agree, we asked what to shoot and why — and allowed!” — glad Faith.

Incidentally, not so long ago the singer spoke about the difficult filming in the style of “Nude” and about how she had to wear filming in twenty-kilogram costume.

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